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26 11.2018

Joining the Polish Green Building Council (PLGBC)

Polish Green Building Association

PLGBC is the largest organisation promoting green building and sustainable development in Poland, founded in 2008 by Agnes Vorbrodt and RafaƂ Schurma. PLGBC’s objectives include, e.g. increasing awareness, supplying information and facilitating access to information about green building and strengthening the foundations of sustainable construction in Poland. PLGBC serves as an advocate for environmentally friendly building policy that unites building experts, organisations and firms around the idea of sustainable development.


By participating in multiple international coalitions, preparing reports and organising conferences and training, PLGBC wants to increase awareness of the significance of green building in Poland. The organisation unites firms, institutions and leading experts by acting responsibly for the common good. Green building has a direct impact on the shape of urban environments and human health. The representatives and members of the Council believe that their efforts will aid in conversion of buildings into efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly structures.


We are happy that as members of PLGBC we will have the opportunity to take part in the Council’s work and pursuit of its goals and to spread information about modern technology used in green building.


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