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Cladonia rangiferina



The wall of Cladonia is a designer and modern form of greenery for interiors, which does not require any care. We create elements to size and in any shape, always using fresh material, and thanks to a wide range of colours we can accomplish even the most demanding compositions, paintings, graphics or logos. Our Cladonia rangiferina comes from Scandinavia, where it is collected and subjected to a stabilisation process, thanks to which it retains its properties and softness for many years.


The advantages of our solution:



An air humidity of 40-80% should be provided in order to keep the Cladonia in good condition.

The Cladonia should not be exposed to direct sunlight, air conditioning or radiators. It should not be watered, sprayed with water, fragrances or fertilisers. Stabilised Cladonia is resistant to mildew, fungi and insect attacks.

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