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4Nature System combined with Furniture System

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Green walls to size



We offer a comprehensive implementation of vertical gardens, to size, and with the ability to match the character of your interior. Impress visitors with a unique atmosphere and take care of the air quality in your office, apartment, restaurant or SPA.


The advantages of our solution:


We use technologies tailored to a user's individual needs and location. Thanks to the innovative 4Nature system, we can arrange a vertical garden to suit every interior and its operation will be facilitated by automatic irrigation, which will provide optimal conditions for plant growth.



We plant carefully selected plants in the 4Nature system modules using a synthetic mat,thanks to which we minimise negative biological processes in the green environment,which allows for a large variety in the selection of species,with the possibility to modify the composition with seasonal flowering plants, enabling the vertical garden to share its beauty for many years to come. For the exterior we offer seasonal vertical gardens which will work on a building?s facade, terrace, balcony, or as a free-standing structure.

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